Amy's Blog: Settled in at GreenHouse

Picture of Amy LiouWelcome to Week 2 of my GreenHouse experience! Finally settled in, Week 2 gave me the first thrills of building a startup.It also gave me the due date of our first assignment! I remember staring blankly at the instructions, contemplating whether I really understood where I was going with my social venture.

"Is the sustainable food problem I am trying to solve a legitimate concern? Do my goals meet the SMART criteria? Will I actually abide by the deadlines I set for myself?"

We were also asked to create a network map relevant to our social venture, and I panicked at the fact that I knew few connections that were interested in our food system.

picture of network map

Many of my concerns were relieved on the next day during our Breakfast on Brendan session. I realized that expanding my food network starts within my own network with close connections. My plans can change throughout the course of the term as I learn more about the problem. Every professional was once in my shoes and progress grows with time and genuine effort. Immediately, I was excited to begin meeting new people who will join me on this journey. In the next few days, I made plans to meet with Food Services, professors, and student researchers. I could feel the fog clearing in my mind.

"I appreciate how GreenHouse is a flexible workspace, where learning truly happens outside the classroom."

A food workshop happened to run during the time of our typical GreenHouse workshops on Wednesday evenings, and Lexi (our Program Coordinator) encouraged my friend and me to attend the food workshop instead of our typical workshop. I began to understand the concept of grasping opportunities when they come only once.

I certainly can’t talk about Week 2 without mentioning the conference that my team and I had been planning for months, which took place on Thursday. I ended up balancing both my passion for food and community engagement at once. I could imagine that students who dare to take a social venture like me will eventually become skilled multi-taskers.

Did I also mention that I accepted my job as a Social Entrepreneur in Training and I will be working for three different startups in the course of three months? I am beyond stoked for the next three months, as I will be able to help other startups to pursue their initiatives while gaining startup experiences for my own. I find myself fully engaged in the startup world and I will have lots to share in the upcoming weeks.

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