The first Community Animator

Head shot of KatherineHello everyone! My name is Katherine, and I am the first Community Animator for St. Paul’s GreenHouse. I am currently in my last year of Environmental Science (with a specialization in Ecology) and a minor in Environment and Resource Studies.

On campus, you can find me volunteering with Let’s Talk Science, working as a Science Ambassador, or running around with UW Photography Club. In my spare time, you may find me on YouTube, undertaking one of my million crafting projects, or lounging around reading a good YA novel.

During my time as a GreenHouse student, I focused on consumeristic waste. I am very passionate about taking perceived waste and finding a way to upcycle it. As a result, I tend to hoard a lot of items because you never know when something can be used for the perfect project.

I also researched into educating youth around the topics of waste reduction while in GreenHouse. I strongly believe that educating our youth and empowering them with knowledge is the best way to create change. After graduation, I hope to work in science communication/outreach with children specifically.

As the Community Animator, I am also a part of the St. Paul’s Residence Life team. I live with the rest of the GreenHouse students, and serve as the voice to connect GreenHouse students to GreenHouse and St. Paul’s staff. I also plan events and activities for everyone. This term, I'm excited about Escape GreenHouse, movie nights, and hosting a Soup and Bannock Lunch in the Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre.

I am extremely excited to see how this role will evolve and develop for the next eight months!

group shot of Katherine and other GreenHouse students

Katherine (second from the right) and her GreenHouse cohort at the Social Impact Showcase, Fall 2016

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