GreenHouse Alumni Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Book, Our Stories in STEM

AaimanGreenHouse students are often asked, “What’s your why?” The question invites emerging social entrepreneurs to figure out what change they truly want to make, and from there to determine the best way of doing so. When Aaiman Aamir came to GreenHouse a year ago in her last term, she wasn’t sure what problem she wanted to solve but she was aware of her regret about having opted out of studies in STEM. As she dug down deeper, with the help of mentors at GreenHouse, she began to find the biggest area of opportunity to make an impact. For many young girls, the lack of positive and relatable stories of other women in STEM fields makes them uninterested in those careers. This was where she decided to take action: to tell those stories.

Over the course of the year, even as she graduated and began working full time at Microsoft, Aaiman uncovered dozens of stories of women working in this field, interviewed them and wrote 40 of their stories into what is now a book aimed at girls 11 and under, called “Our Stories in STEM” ( set for release in August 2020.

“The women featured in this book are not women you’ve heard of before,” says Aaiman. With the help of a wide variety of community groups, eager to advocate for and elevate women in their communities, Aaiman talked with a diverse group of women, including women of colour, women under the LGBTQIA umbrella, women with disabilities, and women from Indigenous communities. “These communities also helped me determine the right way to approach these women and to have the conversations.” The buy-in from these communities and the initial strong support from GreenHouse have been vital catalysts to Aaiman.

There were challenges along the way, most particularly when she depleted her own savings for the project. She shelved the project for several months but returned to it and started a Kickstarter campaign ( so that others who share her belief in this project can contribute to completing the final details. She knew if she was going to pursue this project, she was going to do it right: with a quality product.

Aaiman was reminded of her why when she recently made a video where three girls had a chance to look at the first prototype of her book. “It reminded me that this book was actually something that would go in the hands of young girls and hopefully make an impact.”


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