Introducing Amy: GreenHouse Student Blogger

Amy Liou, our new student blogger.Welcome to my blog!

I would like to invite you to join me as I embark on a social venture to explore food security and sustainability on campus and understand where I could create the most meaningful impact at St. Paul's GreenHouse.

The first is always the trickiest, whether it is the first day, first conversation, first window of opportunity, or the first blog post. When I first began writing this post, I was given the impression that I needed to picture exactly where I was going with my social venture.

"I was concerned with my lack of progress and sense of direction. However, I was reassured going forward when I began to realize that other students were on the same page as me."

We just took part in a week-long boot camp to learn the general mindset of every social entrepreneur. We participated in several activities which all contained an embedded take-home message.

A group of GreenHouse students participating in a Bootcamp activity.

There were many opportunities to mingle and relate with other students. As a predominantly introspective person, meeting new faces can be challenging for me and immediately puts me outside my comfort zone. Yet GreenHouse attracts a group of people who respect and appreciate our differences. Slowly, I embraced the idea that I was standing amidst a group of young entrepreneurs who were already shaping this world.

"On the last day of boot camp, every student shared their aspirations and other students were more than willing to share their connections or knowledge on the subject. Ideas spread like wildfire and hope was restored!"

The most valuable lesson I took home from boot camp must have been the idea that many of the most impactful ventures can begin as practically nothing physically or economically tangible. However, by using our existing skill sets and tapping into our network of friends and family, we COULD create significant social and economic value.

In general, it occurred to me that social entrepreneurship never takes a linear path. Instead, social entrepreneurship tells a unique story of taking endless opportunities, reflecting, taking safe risks, changing paths and undeniably gaining an abundance of knowledge along the way.

This is my journey.

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