The FullSoul teamBringing babies safely into the world requires a collaborative effort. An organization that improves maternal health also works better with the help of a team.

When Christina Hassan (Marchand) came to St. Paul’s GreenHouse, she was just one person with a vision. On a co-op placement at a maternity hospital in Uganda, she saw a new mother bleed to death because of a lack of basic health supplies. Wanting to distribute medical supplies to prevent such deaths, Christina came to GreenHouse.

"All I had when I joined GreenHouse was my idea — by the time I left, I had a fully functioning business.”

After graduating, Christina completed a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Waterloo and has recently begun a law degree from the University of Calgary. 

In addition, Christina is continuing to help her business, FullSoul Canada, grow. What was a one-woman social enterprise equipping hospitals in Uganda with medical kits outfitted with tools for safer, more hygienic births now involves three paid Ugandan contract workers and 14 Canadian volunteer staff. “We are scaling up in many ways right now,” she says

Christina recently led a team to Uganda to distribute medical kits. The team included Rotary presidents from across Canada whose clubs have supported FullSoul. FullSoul plans to lead similar trips throughout 2017 in a quest to strengthen Rotary partnerships and cultural exchanges.

Christina at a table consulting with othersThe organization is also assessing the impact of medical kits. “Power and water issues in some hospitals make our kits less effective.” FullSoul is working with partners to equip hospitals with the required infrastructure. “Although we are still providing medical kits, we’re moving toward a more holistic hospital approach,” says Christina.

"GreenHouse is not just something I look back on, but is a guiding light — if I need perspective or a new contact, I know I can reach out. I also look forward to giving back to GreenHouse whenever I can.”

- See Christina's TEDxUW talk

- See a video by FullSoul Canada from this recent trip

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