Alex's Blog: The Fear and Power of DO

Alex Wong
I entered GreenHouse with the intention of doing something - anything. I read and I think and I talk a lot - but never before have I taken real action.

Alex's Blog: Moving back to campus!

Alex Wong
I first lived on campus in Mackenzie King Village in 2011. Four years later, I moved back onto campus this past January, to live in GreenHouse.

Amy's Blog: The power of networks

Amy Liou

As hinted, I have been asked before how I, as a student, can have so much energy to work on multiple tasks without burning out. Truth is, I do burn out. A lot. And I have experienced more stress than I should have in the past few months.

"I’ve learned, however, the importance of teamwork, and having a team working with and supporting me to achieve goals."

Amy's Blog: Diving into the startup world


I describe this week as my dive into the startup world. Not only was I working on my own startup, I was also training as a social entrepreneur to work for other local enterprises through the GreenHouse co-op program.

First regional design jam tackles food insecurity and homelessness

Hunger and homelessness sucks. That message was emblazoned across the screens of the Tannery Event Centre on February 1 as a group of approximately 90 students and 30 community leaders came together for the first-ever DesignJam Waterloo Region.

Amy's Blog: Settled in at GreenHouse

Picture of Amy Liou

Welcome to Week 2 of my GreenHouse experience! Finally settled in, Week 2 gave me the first thrills of building a startup.It also gave me the due date of our first assignment! I remember staring blankly at the instructions, contemplating whether I really understood where I was going with my social venture.

Introducing Amy: GreenHouse Student Blogger

A picture of Amy Liou, our new student blogger.

Welcome to my blog!

I would like to invite you to join me as I embark on a social venture to explore food security and sustainability on campus and understand where I could create the most meaningful impact at St. Paul's GreenHouse.

What could you do with $5 and three hours? The GreenHouse microenterprise challenge

Picture of students holding cleaning supplies.

At the beginning of each school term, St. Paul’s GreenHouse students are put through their paces in the GreenHouse Boot Camp, where they are introduced to the program and its approach. In thinking about a quick start to this term, Brendan Wylie-Toal, Program Manager and Start-Up Coach of GreenHouse, observes,

Want to innovate? Here's why we need young people now

Ilona Dougherty with the Social Impact Fund recipients

Young people are key to the health of both our economy and society, said Ilona Dougherty, a social entrepreneur who was recently named one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada by the Women’s Executive Network.

The thing about gardens

The thing about gardens is that they tend to grow. That’s exactly what happened to the Community Garden established in 2014 by St. Paul’s GreenHouse student Lexi Salt (now the GreenHouse Program Coordinator) – it has expanded to a second location at the Steckle Heritage Farm in Kitchener, under the leadership of fourth-year Kinesiology student Samantha Johns.


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