An exceptional year for St. Paul`s

Graham BrownDear alumni and friends:

2014 has been an exceptional year for St. Paul’s University College. So much has happened since our annual Community Notes was mailed in June that we decided it was time to add a fall update to keep you well informed.

I recently remarked to my colleagues how pleased I am to see a level of energy within the walls of the College not previously seen during my 15 year tenure. The evidence of this is everywhere – when staff and faculty arrive in the morning they have difficulty finding parking, when I go to Watson’s Eatery for lunch it is not uncommon to see every chair occupied and a line for food out the door. Our weekly Soup and Bannock lunch in the Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre has become so popular we must turn people away so as not to exceed fire regulations. In any given weekday more than 1,000 students are using our lecture hall and no matter what time or day of the week, you will find students using every available quiet space for study and group work.

This remarkable energy is visible in other ways as well. In the past few months we have made great strides with our GreenHouse program and we have secured funding for two important and innovative educational programs for Aboriginal youth - the Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Workshop and the Circle of Life-long Learning Camp. We have hired a new professor in Economics and we’ve appointed our first ever Chancellor – the Hon. Lloyd Axworthy.

We installed Dr. Axworthy as Chancellor on October 24 and it was obvious from the many comments and well wishes that we made an excellent choice for this ceremonial but important role. Lloyd’s impressive background as Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the University of Winnipeg give him expertise and credibility in many of our core areas: international development, social justice, Aboriginal education and sustainability. He takes his new role seriously and will help guide us over the next 3 years to ensure we are on the right track to achieving our goals as they relate to our mission and vision.

I hope you enjoy reading about this and other wonderful stories from the past few months in this update. If you would like to share feedback or learn more please connect with us at

Graham Brown

Special guests pose with Lloyd Axworthy during the installation ceremony

St. Paul’s board member Brenda Laronde Simpson, Religious Studies chair Mavis Fenn, United Church representative Ted Smith, AVP International Nello Angerilli, principal Graham Brown, Six Nations Polytechnic president Rebecca Jamieson, Victoria University (at the University of Toronto) president Paul Gooch, Lloyd Axworthy, St. Jerome’s president Katherine Bergman, and St. Paul’s board chair Rod Barr