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Be-A-Star Ontario Regional Account of the Year

Watson's Eatery at St. Paul’s earned an award from Compass Group for exceptional food service in 2012.

This new award assesses excellence in these four categories: Great People, Great Service, Great Results and Operational Excellence.

Congratulations to the team for demonstrating distinction in areas such as great teamwork, embracing diversity, client and customer satisfaction, passion for quality, market leadership, health and safety compliance and sustainability initiatives.

Green Dining Award

Watson's Eatery is proud to have received the prestigious Green Dining Award from Compass Group Canada.

Out of over 2,000 food service providers, Watson's Eatery is the fourth to receive this award. It is presented to food service providers for their demonstrated implementation of a comprehensive set of sustainability initiatives. Some of the initiatives implemented include: saving energy by not running equipment all day long, water conservation, sustainable purchasing, using local products, biodegradable products, fair trade coffee and proper waste management and recycling. Watson's also composts all food waste in cooperation with the Region of Waterloo.

Congratulations, Watson's Eatery!

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