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Working together for zero waste campus!

We define being socially responsible as always thinking about how our actions effect our communities and the environment.

At Watson’s we support the college’s ZERO WASTE INITIATIVE by doing the following:

Local purchasing, made from scratch recipes, and organic composting in our kitchens, all coupled with effective training for our staff, and a strong education and sustainability awareness programming in Watson’s Eatery to support our initiatives.

  • We design menus to reduce ingredients and re-purpose food to prevent overproduction
  • Our team is trained on reducing waste during food preparation, service to the customers, and during daily cleaning routines
  • Trayless dining, reducing water usage and excessive food consumption
  • We strive to purchase our products from local suppliers with proven reputations for high standards
  • Products are purchased, stored, prepared, and cooked to maximize flavour, appearance, and nutritional value
  • We give pref­erence to fresh ingredients over frozen, processed, or dehydrated product
  • Products are purchased daily to ensure freshness
  • Donation of overproduced or purchased food whenever possible
  • Recyclable and Compostable packaging is used

We love local!

We have set ourselves a target of 80% local ingredients for all our needs at St Paul’s.

We work with local suppliers to establish a “Super Local” supplier category that will give pur­chasing priority to producers within a 50k radius of St Paul’s.

Fair Trade

The Fair-Trade Campus program recognizes universities and colleges demonstrating strong commitment to fair trade. It has a long-term vision of broad awareness and support for fair trade on Cana­dian campuses and in their wider communities.

We will work with the Canadian Fair-Trade Network and en­gaged students, staff, and faculty to retain the Fair-Trade Campus designation.

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Did you know?

St. Paul's is a designated:

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