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The St. Paul's parking lots are accessible from Westmount Road. It takes just a few minutes to walk from this lot to the main area of the University of Waterloo's south campus.

St. Paul's residents and tenants

St. Paul's residents and tenants can purchase parking permits by the term for $160 at the St. Paul's Student and Guest Services Centre. The permits are available one month prior to the start of the new term on a first-come first-serve basis, beginning:

  • Fall term: August 1
  • Winter term: December 1
  • Spring term: April 2

Cash, debit and credit cards are accepted as payment for parking permits.

Sorry, new passes are not available to other University staff, faculty, and students.


Daily parking passes are available to anyone at $6 per day. Please come in to the Student and Guest Services Centre during business hours, or use the automated machine evenings and weekends.

St. Paul's guest room visitors receive a free parking pass with their accommodations. This pass is valid until midnight on the day that you check out of your room.