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Explore problems in a Discovery Lab

Discovery Labs is where innovators engage with organizations to find meaningful problems to work on. 

GreenHouse holds multiple Discovery Labs per term with a different workplace partner. During the labs, innovators connect with stakeholders such as users, practitioners and researchers to gain insights around a problem. 

Previous Discovery Labs themes include: 

  • In partnership with KidsAbility, the youth accessibility lab focused on pressing issues with assistive devices and accessibility for youth with cognitive or physical special needs. 
  • In partnership with the Waterloo-Wellington Canadian Mental Health Association and the Local Health Integration Network, the mental wellness lab focused on finding opportunities for innovation to improve mental wellness in our community. 
  • Waterlupus, a collaboration between the Geographies of Health in Place Lab and many other partners focused on finding new ways to improve the financial quality of life of those living with lupus. 
  • In partnership with St. Paul's University College Residence Life, the Campus Mental Wellness Discovery Lab focuses on finding new improvements and innovations in the campus mental wellness system. 
  • In partnership with Environment Canada, the Environment Design Challenge focused on finding mobile digital solutions for pollution prevention in Canada. 
  • In partnership with the Volunteer Action Centre, the Future of Volunteering Discovery Lab focused on enabling social change by making volunteering more accessbile, meaningful and inclusive to youth and new Canadians.




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