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Join our Innovators in Residence community 

The Innovators in Residence is a community where student innovators receive mentorship, training and funding to launch their own ventures.

Students who apply and are accepted, live with a group of like-minded innovators interested in tackling their own project or venture. GreenHouse supports Innovators in Residence through a series of milestones to move their ideas forward. Students can launch a venture through: 

  • Grassroot initiatives such as advocating against human trafficking
  • Policy changes such as developing a protocol for community groups to follow after a suicide
  • Social entrepreneurship ventures such as developing accessible books for individuals with dementia 

Student Support

As part of the Innovators in Residence community, students will receive specialized mentorship and programming to create social impact in their desired problem space including: 

  • Programming to conceive ideas through weekly socials and access to entrepreneurship teaching
  • Space for creativity and collaboration both in their living quarters and working spaces
  • Peer-to-peer support from like-minded social innovators experiencing similar successes and challenges
  • Specialized mentorship for social innovators from our mentorship team and network of alumni
  • Access to funding through various grant and funding opportunities

Apply Now

If you are interested in applying for Innovators in Residence, please fill out our application form

If you would like further information about the program or have any questions, please contact the GreenHouse Director Tania Del Matto for more information. 



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