GreenHouse is a community

GreenHouse is a space where you can meet like-minded individuals who are interested in making a positive difference by using an entrepreneurial perspective. They got me in touch with the people I needed to make my idea happen.

- Samiya Hirji (Environment and Business)

GreenHouse is a place to discover who you are and what you want to do

Before incubators became popular, entrepreneurs had to work alone to make their ideas succeed. The beauty of GreenHouse is that you don’t have to do it by yourself. Connecting with others makes a difference in making an idea happen. GreenHouse is a chance for people to discover whether or not they are an entrepreneur by trying their ideas out.

“Before you find what you want to do, there’s always a period of exploration. Everyone is at the exploratory stage at some point. It’s important to take time to figure out what you want to do.

- Prianka Siva (Environment and Business)

GreenHouse is a launch pad for idea development

They focused on me as an individual and a social innovator, and were supportive of my needs and the skills I needed from the program. I tell people that GreenHouse is a really safe way to launch a social or environmental initiative. Whether you have a true passion or just the beginnings of an idea, this is a great place to help you develop your idea in a short time.

- Hannah Furlong (Environment and Business)

GreenHouse is a support system

I’ve worked with a lot of barriers over the years, so it was very nice to have people with a lot of optimism and ideas for solutions. They had resources and knew people I could talk to in order to make this a success.

- Emma Shulist (Knowledge Integration)

It’s an amazingly supportive environment and we all support one another. Criticism is always constructive.

- Dean Mizzi (Geomatics)

GreenHouse is a motivational environment

When you are with people in a community who share a singular focus on getting things done and made, it’s very motivating. The weekly skill sessions with practitioners have been hugely successful because they are very practical. Mentorship and the connections provided help make it happen. The people at GreenHouse approach this with an equally entrepreneurial spirit – putting their heart, soul, know-how, and connections to making our ideas work.

- Geoff Hill (Knowledge Integration)

GreenHouse is a connector

GreenHouse has also been helpful in connecting me to people with expertise – journalists, analysts, and other entrepreneurs in other hubs about creating a startup company.

- Kwame Ansong (Arts and Business)

It’s not an understatement to say that thanks to GreenHouse, you can meet with all kinds of important people.

- Dean Mizzi (Geomatics)

GreenHouse is the opportunity for mentorship

Being mentored by Tania has been one of the biggest strengths of GreenHouse for me this term.

- Prianka Siva (Environment and Business)

GreenHouse is career experience

There are huge problems that I didn’t believe could be solved by 22-year-olds. Now, through GreenHouse, I’ve found a really good fit with a problem I’m in love with. I can make a career out of a project with meaning like this!

- Hannah Furlong (Environment and Business)

I’m experimenting to see what works. There are so many options out there. What I know is that I want to continue to be part of the entrepreneurial space in some capacity, even after graduation.

- Prianka Siva (Environment and Business)

GreenHouse is an advisor for startups in the community

GreenHouse is that beacon in the desert that I never had. It is a place where people can be safe to dream big and take practical action towards solving problems.

- Ashutosh Syal (BASc ’14) Co-Founder of Eyecheck (with Daxal Desai)

If we hadn’t been connected with GreenHouse, I don’t think we’d be where we are today.

- Aleks Poldma (BASc ’14) Co-founder of Hydrated World



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