Be Purposeful

GreenHouse is offered as a for-credit course!

That means you can either apply to take the program as an extra-curricular activity, or as a course that will be part of your transcript. The application process is the same.

SVENT 225: Exploring your passion for social change

This is a live-in experiential learning course at St. Paul¹s GreenHouse for students who have not identified a specific idea they want to take action on, but have identified an area of interest. Students will explore the entrepreneurial journey with an emphasis on the process of identifying a pressing problem, validating the problem, and generating ideas to tackle the problem. Students will also engage in work to help them identify their own values and goals for creating change, develop teamwork and collaboration skills, and begin envisioning their own social venture or change initiative.

Offered in Fall/Winter/Spring

SVENT 325:  Launching a social venture

This is a live-in experiential learning course at St. Paul’s GreenHouse for students who have identified a social venture idea or change initiative they want to take action on. Students will pursue their entrepreneurial endeavour with an emphasis on validating their idea through beneficiary/customer discovery, project planning, building a team, funding strategies, and early-stage revenue models. Students will submit a grant proposal that will lead to the execution of their idea into action.

Offered in Fall/Winter/Spring

How to apply

Instructor consent is required: Students must apply and be accepted in the live-in GreenHouse Community at St. Paul’s University College. 



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