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GreenHouse is offered as a for-credit course!

That means you can either apply to take the program as an extra-curricular activity, or as a course that will be part of your transcript. The application process is the same. Need help selecting a SVENT course? Contact Brendan Wylie Toal for questions or advice.

SVENT 225: Exploring your passion for social change

This course is an experiential education course open to all students interested in social innovation and social entrepreneurhip. While there is an emphasis on classroom learning to develop the knowledge base required to be successful in social innovation, a large portion of the class will focus on experiential learning through building and testing new initiatives. Success in the course is not tied to the success of the initiatives, but rather how the experience can be summarized, articulated and applied in other contexts.

The learning outcomes for SVENT 225 are:

1. Ability to validate problems and innovation opportunities

2. Development of skills and a mindset associated with innovation and entrepreneurship

3. To understand the processes and milestones associated with the early stages of devloping a social venture

Offered in Fall/Winter/Spring

SVENT 325:  Launching a social venture

This course is reserved for students with a demonstrated commitment to social innovation and experiential learning. SVENT 325 is a Student-Led Individually Created Course (SLICC), which is unlike most other courses at the University of Waterloo. The course instructor defines the learning outcomes. Then, each student proposes a custom plan for how they will achieve those outcomes through a set of entrepreneurial experiences and relections. Instead of lecturing, the instructor provides mentorship and coaching as each student works through the course they have created for themselves. 

The nature of the course allows students to create and define their own learning experiences and to engage in learning for learning's sake. The experiences students engage in are directly related to entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Offered in Fall/Winter/Spring

Prerequisite: Permission from the instructor



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