Tania Del MattoTania Del Matto has more than 15 years experience working with both social-purpose businesses and non-profits. She is also an experienced social entrepreneur, having started and operated a national not-for-profit since 2007.

In the first 8 years of her career, Tania created and launched national and international projects that advance sustainable consumption and production, greening small business and environmental education for both private and public sector clients. In 2007, Tania co-founded My Sustainable Canada, a national not-for-profit social enterprise with a mandate to help people and organizations make more sustainable choices.

Tania joined GreenHouse as Director in 2013. She is responsible for designing and executing programming that helps advance the implementation of the University of Waterloo strategy on entrepreneurship, and has a specific lead role on social entrepreneurship in partnership with SEED at the Faculty of Environment. 

At GreenHouse, I have the opportunity to work with students who are passionate about creating social-purpose startups and social change initiatives. It's inspiring to be around students who are not only passionate about the global challenges we face, but want to make a difference by acting on their environmental and/or social justice ideas."



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