Social Innovator Spotlights

Be Purposeful

So many great students are enrolled in the GreenHouse program that we just had to showcase some of their stories!

  • Dhruv Guliani and Shahid Mawji have learned a lot from an initiative that didn't go as planned.
  • Cassie Myers is building a video game for girls to encourage core leadership skills.
  • Bailee Walls is creating educational storybooks for children to help them learn about and cope with mental health.
  • Indi Madar is working to break down barriers for racialized women passionate about physical recreation.
  • Elizabeth Stankiewicz is developing a skill-building program for homeless youth with a mental health focus.
  • Julia Hiscock is finding ways to make sleeping more secure by introducing individual sleeping pods to Canada.
  • Nadin Sadek is interested in consumerism, waste management and finding creative ways to make a difference with a new line of skin care products made from recycled fruit and peels.
  • Anna Chang has long-term plans to get her eco-fashion company, Midori, off the ground, exploring how textiles can be repurposed to alleviate landfill waste.
  • Rosalind Wilkes wants to help support survivors of sexual violence.
  • Nicole Yang is moving forward with an interactive game-based app that would allow users to explore their urban environments through augmented reality.
  • Sheng Bian wants to break down barriers to education for rural children in China.
  • Michael Wideman has an urban planning solution for those who want to garden but don't have the know-how or time.
  • Bailey Jacobs is going to make it easier for renovation contractors to help their clients go green.
  • Fatima Youssef wants to help members of the Canadian refugee community live a full and meaningful life here in Canada.
  • Pragya Dawadi knows that dialogue inspires action.
  • William Marchand is tackling programming for people with young onset dementia.
  • Richard Norton has set up a 'Pollinator Pyramid' to start a conversation about critical food systems and food security.
  • Joanna Hausen and her team are creating a line of eco-friendly skin care products that are not only 100% sustainable but also support locals farms, green houses and businesses.
  • Sharita Henry is devising an online platform that will help parents and educators communicate better about the needs of children with Asperger’s syndrome. 
  • Konica Kochar helped put a a face on homelessness during her stay at St. Paul's GreenHouse.
  • Laura Morrison is interested in ending sexual violence and knows that it will take an innovative solution to combat deeply rooted perspectives of unhealthy masculinity.
  • Ashwin Vadivelu is one of the founding members of the student organization Childrens10, a charitable organization that seeks to support the rebuilding of educational institutions in Sri Lanka after its recent civil war.
  • Nikhil Jagga is creating a specialized mindfulness tool to help people deal with depression and anxiety.
  • Alex Wong is co-creating CUE Parties that offered engaging zero-waste birthday parties with a heavy emphasis on teaching youth about sustainability, particularly in terms of consumption. 
  • Zied Etleb says "Bedsores aren’t sexy. And maybe that’s why they haven’t gotten the attention believes they deserve."
  • Nayani (Nia) Rajamohan delivers South Indian classical dance and music to audiences who would not otherwise have the chance to experience such performances.
  • Renata Burns is learning how peer-to-peer support in GreenHouse is invaluable. 
  • Dinojah Patkunarajah and Sybill Jules are breaking employment barriers for immigrants.
  • Rhea Daniels is using GreenHouse as a journey to find her passion.
  • Richard Yim is going to help rid the world of land mines with a new device.
  • Trishala Pillai is harnessing passion to make a difference.
  • Kwame Ansong investigates the way news is disseminated.
  • Patrick Quan is using his business know-how to achieve social change.
  • Linna Zheng is improvising her way to a social enterprise.
  • Rachel Thompson is creating books to meet the needs of older adults with dementia.
  • Benny Hua is rethinking the compression sleeve for breast cancer survivors.
  • Tina Chan is helping students cope with stress and anxiety
  • Sylvia Green wants to let people in on a secret: cycling is the best way to get around.
  • Dean Mizzi would like to introduce you to another side of gaming.
  • Nicolas Smith had often heard about the necessity of planning for sustainability, but it wasn’t until he attended the 2013 United Nations Warsaw Climate Change Conference that he saw why.
  • Alec Vyshnevski is eager to encourage a new movement, one that encourages physical culture as a social project in community.
  • Elle Crevits wants to develop a way to get food that’s still edible to people who need food.
  • Emma Shulist is creating 'fruitful' conversation around student poverty, health, food, debt, and the role of food banks.
  • Hannah Furlong says today’s youth unemployment and environmental crises need a revolutionary solution, and revolutions start in cafés.
  • Laura Barkin aims to make studying an active experience by bringing FitDesks to the University.
  • Prianka Siva wants to create a ‘LinkedIn for ideas’ so that the best ideas for social and environmental change don’t get lost in the discussion.
  • Alisha Karmali and her team want to enhance early childhood education in urban slums.
  • Geoffrey Evamy Hill says students often attend university close to home, which deprives future leaders of a necessary understanding of the strengths of the regions of Canada.
  • Samiya Hirji was washing dishes when she had an epiphany about how much water we mindlessly waste and what she could do to raise awareness and reduce water consumption.
  • In a world of thousands of news sources, how do you ever know whom to listen to? Kwame Ansong aims to cut through the chatter to get to the fact.

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