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So many great students are enrolled in the GreenHouse program that we just had to showcase some of their stories. 

Check them out by Faculty:


Richard Yim: Demine Robotics (originally The Landmine Boys)
Fall 2015 & Spring 2016

Richard is going to help rid the world of landmines with a new robotic device.

UN Sustainable Development goals targeted:  

#15: Life on Land

#16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

UN Sustainability Goal 16 icon

UN Sustainability Goal 16 icon

    Dhruv Guliani and Shahid Mawji: Bamboo Labs
    Spring 2017 

    Dhruv and Shahid have learned a lot from an initiative that didn't go as planned.

    UN Sustainable Development goals targeted:  

    #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    #12: Responsible Consumption and Production

    UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 icon

    UN Sustainable Goal number 12 icon 

    Sylvia Green: Your City in Motion
    Winter 2015

    Sylvia wants to let people in on a secret: Cycling is the best way to get around.

    UN Sustainable Development goals targeted:  

    #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

    #13: Climate Action

    Sustainable Goals # 11

    Sustainable Goals # 13

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