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Receive the resources and work with other students who want to create social or environmental change

Join our Social Innovators in Training Program 

Applications for the Fall 2022 cohort will remain open until September 6th. 

Are you interested in a social or environmental problem and want to make a change? If you are going on co-op or academic term and would like to work on a project towards such a goal, GreenHouse provides guidance and support for this. 

Students in the Social Innovators in Training (SIIT) Program work with other like-minded innovators interested in creating social or environmental change through their own project or venture. Students coming into this program have a problem they are interested in tackling or an idea they want to launch. It's a unique experience where as a student, you are given milestones to move your ideas into action, access to core mentors including the professional networks at GreenHouse, and access to funding opportunities to move your ideas forward.

GreenHouse supports a range of innovations, across the following three categories:

Grassroots Initiative iconGrassroots Initiatives

Advocating against human trafficking

Social ventures iconSocial ventures

Developing accessible books for individuals with dementia

Policy change iconPolicy changes

protocols for 
communites to 
follow after 
a suicide

More information on the Social Innovators in Training Program

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Social Impact Showcase and receive funding for their ventures. Learn more about funding, our sponsors, and the impact our students have made here



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