The Social Impact Showcase celebrates the work GreenHouse students have accomplished through their journeys of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Over 1,100 people voted for the People's Choice award. 

A big congratulations to Emre, the winner of the People's Choice Award! 


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A Bit About the Teams

  • CommUnity XP is an online platform designed to open communication about mental health and wellness within the student community. 
  • Emre is a cloud-based electronic medical record system built to support medical professionals providing healthcare to conflict-stricken nations.
  • Essentia Health offers digitized mental health records to bridge the gap when sharing this information between individuals, hospitals and campuses.
  • GreenBricks focuses on repurposing plastic as bricks to help build homes in developing countries.
  • Peakaboard is a venture focused on creating a transparent standing toy board designed to encourage associative play in children with disabilities.
  • SympComm is a venture focused on medical symptom tracking to ease filling out medical reports for forms like the Ontario Disability Support Program application.

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