JP Gladu installed as second Chancellor of St. Paul's

Friday, October 20, 2017

JP Gladu at the podiumJP Gladu, president of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), was formally installed as St. Paul's second Chancellor in an afternoon ceremony on October 19.

Several people gave words of welcome to the new Chancellor, including Jeff Casello, Associate Provost, Graduate Studies, who mentioned the timeliness of the appointment as the University of Waterloo embarks on its Indigenization strategy, and the key role that entrepreneurship plays for the University.

Katherine Bergman also welcomed Mr. Gladu on behalf of the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo, as did Peter Frick on behalf of faculty at St. Paul's, Amy Smoke on behalf of staff, and Ben Zammit on behalf of students.

St. Paul's Principal Rick Myers described Mr. Gladu as "a dynamic young entrepreneur" who bridges many communities, including two key aspects of our programming at St. Paul's: Indigenous education and social entrepreneurship.

In a message read by the Principal, Jim Balsillie, former CEO of Research in Motion, said, "Today’s appointment of JP is a confirmation of his leadership and the positive impact he is having within the First Nations community nationally, especially on the issue of economic advancement. I can’t think of a more suitable individual to be asked to serve as Chancellor of St. Paul’s University College.” 

Mr. Gladu seemed genuinely touched by the heartfelt welcome, saying he was "blown away" by it. He added, "If my grandmothers could see where society is headed regarding Indigenization today, they would be incredibly proud."