Meet this year's recipients of the Student Project Support Fund

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tomm Mandryk

Tomm MandrykTomm Mandryk is an International Development student who is making a difference in the Dominican Republic. He opened a temporary eye clinic in Las Pajas, as well as funds and supports a small clinic called Clinica Rural Las Pajas. He is planning on setting up another in 2012 with financial support in part from St. Paul's.

Tomm is also on the Board of Directors as Director of Fundraising and Promotions for the Dominican-Canadian Community Development Group; they partner with grassroots groups and build sustainable projects that residents need.

Last year, the University of Waterloo highlighted 8 interesting undergraduates in a calendar published by the recruitment office, and one of these was Tomm, featured for his efforts in reinforcing health care in the Dominican Republic.

Andrew Wong

Andrew WongAndrew Wong is an Urban Planning and Environmental Economics student who founded, and now is director of, an organization called Students on Ice (SOI) Alumni Delegation. Andrew, who has always been passionate about nature, was so inspired by a trip to the Canadian Arctic that he felt compelled to found the group in 2011. The SOI Alumni Delegation is made up of youth under the age of 24 from around the world who seek to ensure the long-term sustainability of the polar regions.

Andrew used this award to help send delegates to the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20 Earth Summit) in Brazil. The delegates expect to develop and publish a research-based policy platform that will outline how the international community can promote sustainable development in the polar regions.

The group is inspired by Students on Ice Expeditions, which provides students, educators, and scientists the opportunity to learn about and experience the polar regions.

See Andrew's TEDxUW talk on YouTube

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