New online housing application system at St. Paul’s

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We are happy to announce that we have a new housing application system with great new functionality. The St. Paul’s Housing Portal is now live and available for use!

What is the Portal?

This online system allows you to submit housing applications, renew your existing contract and check the status of your St. Paul’s housing financial account.

How do I use it?

Simply go to the portal link. You will need to log in using your 8-digit uWaterloo ID and the system will generate a PIN (password) code for you.

What if I forget my my PIN (password)?

The system will give you a PIN (password). However, if you should forget it, please contact the Student & Guest Services Centre and they can provide you with your PIN: 519-885-1460, x226, or

Things I should be aware of:

We will continue to email and post contract renewal dates as per the term schedule. Instead of using the paper forms, you will log into the portal to renew contracts or apply to new units.

We will continue to send reminders about fee dates but now you can log into the portal at any time to see your current account status with charges and payments. Please note that payments may take a few days to update based on when the banks confirm with us, so if it is not immediately on your account, check back in a few days.

If there are issues with the Portal?

Please contact Sami Iskandar. Please remember, this is a brand-new system and there may be glitches, so we appreciate your patience and support.

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