Showcasing a new Social Innovation Fund

Monday, December 1, 2014

St. Paul’s GreenHouse will be awarding $5,000 in social startup funding this Wednesday, December 3, from 4-5:30 pm in Alumni Hall. The event is called Social Innovation Showcase, and will feature presentations by the finalists.

In the running for this funding are seven groups of students with startup ideas that range from a pan-Canadian university program, to an app that aggregates global news media stories and uses analytics to distill fact from opinion, to a startup that will enhance early childhood education in urban slums around the world.

“There are huge problems that I didn’t believe could be solved by 22-year-olds,” says Hannah Furlong, a GreenHouse innovator. “Now, through GreenHouse, I’ve found a really good fit with a problem I’m in love with. I can make a career out of a project with meaning like this!”

The projects vying for one of the grants are:

  • IdeaSpace – Prianka Siva wants to create a ‘LinkedIn for ideas’ so that the best ideas for social and environmental change don’t get lost in the discussion
  • BabySteps Academy – Alisha Karmali and her team want to enhance early childhood education in urban slums
  • Pan-Canadian University – Geoffrey Evamy Hill says students often attend university close to home, which deprives future leaders of a necessary understanding of the strengths of the regions of Canada
  • Sitting is the New Smoking – Laura Barkin aims to make studying an active experience by bringing FitDesks to the University
  • RockStar Café – Hannah Furlong says today’s youth unemployment and environmental crises need a revolutionary solution, and revolutions start in cafés
  • Water Epiphany – Samiya Hirji was washing dishes when she had an epiphany about how much water we mindlessly waste and what she could do to raise awareness and reduce water consumption
  • Civil News – In a world of thousands of news sources, how do you ever know whom to listen to? Kwame Ansong aims to cut through the chatter to get to the facts

If you’d like to see or be part of this showcase of young social entrepreneurial talent, please register for this free event at

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