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This year, St. Paul's is implementing a new sustainability program to see if we can reduce our consumption of electricity, water, and natural gas. We already work hard to keep our consumption as low as we can, but we want to see if we can step it up a notch and REDUCE it! by 5 percent more. It's like taking an average passenger vehicle that drives about 132,000 km per year off the road!

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Chart showing September and October usage

Every month, we'll add up the totals and compare them to how we did last year. Take a look! 



The simplest solution to phantom loads is to control the loads with power bars. Plug appliances like your computer and television into a power bar and plug the power bar into the wall. That way you can shut down everything at once.


Shave your showering time down by three minutes for a savings of 233 kilograms of CO2 every year.


Next time you grocery shop, bring your own reusable bags.


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What are we doing?

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