student studying at her desk

Upper-year students applying to live at St. Paul's

Whether you have lived at St. Paul's before, or not, we welcome you to our community.

  • We have suite-style and private room accommodations for upper-year undergraduate students. 
  • Students can also book one-term contracts (winter or spring, only). 
  • Live with your friends, when you and your friends request each other as roommates (you and one or two friends can live in 2 or 3 bedroom suites). (Confirmation for Fall requests occurs in May).

Stay involved!

Once a St. Paul's student, always a St. Paul's student! Come back to:

  • Use the study space
  • Use lockers
  • Eat at Watson's
  • Join the GreenTeam
  • Become an ambassador
  • Volunteer
  • Connect with friends!

Upper-year shared suite

A layout of the economy room (upper-year suite).

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