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St. Paul's offers a French-language double-room residence floor called La Bastille.

What's La Bastille like?

Eighteen students live on their own floor with a Don (a senior student). Students plan French culture events throughout the year and everyone tries to speak French on the floor at all times. The floor is open in Fall and Winter terms.

La Bastille is part of the broader St. Paul's residence and students from all floors hang out together. Even though you're living on a French floor, you're still part of the larger residence community of 190 University of Waterloo students (250 as of Fall 2017).

Why do students live here?

Some speak French, some plan to study French at the University of Waterloo, and some just want to keep up their French language skills while they're at university. All students share an interest in all things French!

Who can live here?

Anyone with basic communication skills in French and an interest in improving is welcome. You don't need to speak French fluently and you don't need to be enrolled in French studies.

How do I apply?

If you're a high school student entering University of Waterloo in Fall

If you're interested in living on this floor, we recommend that you. You must still rank St. Paul's as your first choice on the online residence ranking form, even if you have contacted us directly. You'll get instructions on how to do this when you get your offer of admission to the University of Waterloo.

There is limited space available on La Bastille. While a spot in residence at Waterloo is guaranteed, we can't guarantee placement on La Bastille or at St. Paul's.

If placed at St. Paul's for residence, we'll send you a personal information form with your residence contract where you can confirm to us that you'd like to live on La Bastille.

University of Waterloo upper-year students

Please apply directly to St. Paul's. There is a place on the residence application for you to tell us you want to live on La Bastille.

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Please contact us by email or by phone at 519-885-1460 x25212.

Need more information?

If you need more information, please contact us.