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What is a university college?

A university college should not be confused with a community college. Instead, it is a small teaching and living environment within the larger university.

Do I need to be a member of the College, or to take courses at St. Paul's, to live there?

No membership or courses are required. Any University of Waterloo student can live at St. Paul's.

Can I still live at St. Paul's if I am not a member of the Living-Learning Community?

Absolutely. Students from all faculties and programs are welcome to live at St. Paul's.

Can I still be in the Environment Living-Learning Community, if I'm not an Environment student?

Technically, no, but you can still participate in many of the Environment Living-Learning Community activities, and all the general activities at the College. Not all our students are part of the Environment Living-Learning Community.

Can I know who my roommate is before I move in?

You’ll first meet your roommate on Move-in Day. We do not disclose roommate matches ahead of time as things may change.

What storage space is available?

In a double room, there is storage space above and below the bed, as well as large amounts of storage built into the privacy divider. In a single room, there is storage under the bed, and included in the furniture. See the room layouts here for more details.

What is included in my room?

See a suggested list for what to bring on the Moving In page.

How does single-room assignment work?

After you’ve been accepted to St. Paul’s, we’ll send you some paperwork to complete. The Personal Information Form is your opportunity to indicate your preference for a single room. Students connected with AccessAbility Services at the University of Waterloo, and those with medical needs, are given priority in single-room assignment. The remaining single rooms are assigned using a lottery system.

How does the roommate-matching process work?

We use the Personal Information Forms to hand-match roommates based on your preferences, hobbies, habits, and so on. On the single room floor, we use this information to appropriately place students in proximity to others on the floor.

The Personal Information Form also gives you the opportunity to request a roommate. Only reciprocated roommate requests can be considered. We cannot guarantee you will be placed with this individual.

Can I live at St. Paul’s if I am a Stream 4 (S4) co-op student?

Yes. Students in Stream 4 Engineering programs are included under the first-year residence guarantee. At St. Paul’s, our residence contract is for eight months, meaning you would live here in the Fall and Spring terms.

Is St. Paul’s religious?

St. Paul’s was established by the United Church, and while we continue to express their founding values in our mission to educate students to shape a just and humane world, we are no longer affiliated with the church. If you are seeking religious services, there are a variety of denominational services available throughout the University of Waterloo.

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