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A convenient meal plan is included in your fees when you become a resident of the St. Paul's dormitory, which means you'll never run out for money for food!

Watson's Eatery offers a range of options at meal times, including vegetarian and halal meals, as well as our soup and salad bar. Our menus change regularly to reflect the preferences and requests of our student residents.

For meal plans from September 2019 to August 2020:

  • Full meal-plan holders have up to 5 meal card swipes for use every day and unlimited access to hot and cold beverages.
  • One swipe is used for every tray of food which can include up to one entrée, two side dishes, soup, salads, one dessert and hot and cold beverages.
  • You may request a packed lunch or late dinner in advance.
  • Special dietary needs are supported on request.

Things to know:

  • Because you don't pay tax on a full meal plan, you are not allowed to let friends use your swipes or give food to your friends. (One exception: Parents may use your swipes when they visit.)
  • Unless you have arranged for a bagged meal, food must be eaten in Watson's Eatery.
  • In Spring term, there is no weekend meal service. There are some kitchen facilities on site for light weekend cooking.

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Please contact us by email or by phone at 519-885-1460 x25212.

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