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A convenient full meal plan is included in your residence fees when you become a resident of the St. Paul’s undergraduate dormitory, which means you will never run out of money for food!

Watson’s Eatery offers a range of options at meal times, including vegetarian, vegan and halal meals as well as a variety of sides including soups and salads. Our menu changes weekly to reflect the preferences and requests of our student residents.

For meal plans from September 2020 to August 2021:

  • Full meal-plan holders have up to five meal card swipes for use every day and unlimited access to hot and cold beverages
  • One swipe is used for every tray of food which can include up to one entrée, two side dishes, soup, salads, one dessert and unlimited hot and cold beverages
  • Students may request take out when going through our eatery, just ensure to tell our staff when you start your order
  • Special dietary needs are supported on request

Important things to know:

  • Students do not pay tax on a full meal plan, therefore you are not allowed to let friends use your swipes or purchase food on your friend’s behalf. One exception: Parents may use your swipes when they come to visit
  • Unless you requested take out, food must be eaten in Watson’s Eatery. No dishware or trays are to leave Watson’s Eatery

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Please contact us by email or by phone at 519-885-1460 x25212.

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