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The University of Waterloo's Living-Learning Community for students in the Faculty of Environment and Women in Engineering is located at St. Paul's.

living learningSt. Paul's offers two specialized Living-Learning Communities and the only french floor at University of Waterloo, all designed to help you get the most out of your first year at university. These programs are structured so you can engage more deeply with your subject and form lasting friendships along the way.

Faculty of Environment LLC

Here you'll find like-minded Faculty of Environment students who are passionate about the environment and our impact on the world.

Women in Engineering LLC

This community offers a built-in network for women working towards their engineering degrees. You'll grow and learn together with mentors and peers who understand your program.

La Bastille - St. Paul's French Residence Floor

We have a home for you! Be one of the students who live on La Bastille, the only french floor residence in the university of waterloo. You don’t have to be fluent — you just have to love the language and culture!

Peer Leaders

Faculty Peer Leaders are upper-year students in the various Faculties who will be living in or visiting the Living-Learning Community they are associated with at St. Paul's on a regular basis. Peer Leaders will provide students with academic support, put them in touch with professors, run academic-based events, and help students figure out what classes to take in future terms.


At St. Paul's, the most energetic, fun-loving, knowledgeable upper-year undergraduate students are selected as Dons to join the residence life team. There are nine Dons in the Fall and Winter terms, and two in the Spring term. There is also a Community Animator who supports the GreenHouse students.

During the year, Dons will organize fun events for the residence, provide you with information about the services available on campus and will show you how to access them. Since we have a Don on every floor, you only have to walk down the hall if you want to chat.

Group photo of 2012-13 peer leaders

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Please contact us by email or by phone at 519-885-1460 x25212.