Human Rights and Law (HR) Living Learning Community

St. Paul's offers a unique living environment for students studying in human rights or with an interest in preparing for future careers in law with a focus on human rights!

This live-in program is designed to connect students who want to explore the intersection between human rights and law. You will live with other students interested in human rights and law, where you can expect to:

1. Build relationships and community networks that will support you as you begin your university life.

2. Benefit from:

  • Upper-year Peer Leaders who provide advice and run activities to foster relationships with others
  • Participation in selected activities designed to connect you with human rights topics
  • Connecting with professors and community members that teach and work in human rights and law
  • Support from trained residence leaders and access to resources

3. Learn from (and make friends with!) other students while preparing for your future in human rights and law.

Important to know

1. The HR LLC is not designed to be an enrichment program. The University of Waterloo has a considerable support network of tutors, help sessions, and workshops. Instead, the HR LLC supports students’ academic success by creating a sense of belonging, facilitating confidence in your studies, and fostering the creation of strong relationships and supports.

2. St. Paul’s is a co-ed residence with gender neutal washrooms.

3. Students in the HR LLC will be placed into clusters of 8 - 15 students. Other students on the floor may be from any faculty or program to give students an opportunity to meet others with a diverse range of academic interests.

How to apply - First Year Students

1. Accept your Offer of Admission to the University of Waterloo

2. Complete a St. Paul's Living Learning Application by June 1.

3. Fill out the University's online Residence Community Ranking form by June 1 at 11:59 pm, along with a $500 residence deposit. (This amount will also be deducted from your residence fees). You must rank St. Paul's first on this form in order to be in the Living Community.

4. Once accepted to St. Paul's you will receive a contract to sign! We'll also send you a personal information form so we can match you with an ideal roommate!

Upper Year Students

Not a first year Student but still interested in living in the HR LLC? Upper year rooms are available too!

1. Complete a St. Paul's Living Learning Application by June 1.

2. Apply to residence at St. Paul's.

3. Once accepted to St. Paul's you will receive a contract to sign!

For more information, please contact Steve Prentice.

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Please contact us by email or by phone at 519-885-1460 x25212.