Considering living at St. Paul's

group of St. Paul's students relaxing

Fitting in at St. Paul's

Our residence community is small – there are currently about 250 undergraduate students living in the dormitory. Students tell us that they like living in a place where they can find friends by walking down the hallway and where there is always someone you know to eat with.

There are a wide variety of activities and special events. The athletic student, the intellectual student, and the social student will all find something to do.

Senior students called "Dons" are hired by St. Paul's to help students fit in socially (and to make sure that the residence rules are followed). On the double-room floors at St. Paul's, there is one Don for every 24 students.

Living at St. Paul's

Approximately 44 percent of our rooms are single occupancy. The new Super Single rooms have private ensuite bathrooms, a double bed, 13 students to a floor, and a kitchenette on each floor. Regular Single rooms are a good size and also allow for maximum privacy.

Students staying in a Privacy Double room have an instant friend to help ease the transition to university. Most students tell us that they are glad to have a roommate once they get here – even if they've never shared a room before.

Best of all: All our rooms have personal temperature control and come with a full meal plan so you know your student need never run out of money for food.

Studying at St. Paul's

Our double rooms have a privacy barrier that separates the studying and sleeping areas of the dormitory rooms. Students can study in peace and sleep in peace, yet still benefit from having the companionship of a roommate.

Quiet hours are enforced at night, and during exam times there is a significant extension to the quiet hours.

There is a quiet study lounge available to students and lots of spots where students camp out to do work. Upper-year students are around to give advice on courses, exams, and studying.


St. Paul's is located right on campus, so you can't get much closer to classes. The dormitory rooms are separated into 'wings' and all wings are locked at all times. The main building doors are locked down at 8 pm. There are also security cameras at key entrances, and electronic key entry into buildings for extra security.

The residence is supervised by upper-year "Dons" who attend an extensive training program where they learn both how to keep the dorm safe and how to handle emergency situations. A Community Coordinator and a Residence and Community Life Manager are also available to support the Dons at all times.

Community rules are clearly specified and enforced for everyone's safety. University of Waterloo Police are on campus at all times and provide quick response to any situation.

Eating at St. Paul's

Residents participate in a "pay-one-price" meal plan, and they dine at Watson's Eatery. There are many food choices – the plan does not run out and your son or daughter is always fed.

Co-op and Residence

St. Paul's residence is open for all three terms of study at University of Waterloo. Your son's or daughter's residence contract will be for the terms during which they are taking courses at the university.

Visiting the University of Waterloo and St. Paul's

Overnight accommodations for University of Waterloo visitors are available year-round at the St. Paul's guest rooms.

Opportunities for students to stay at St. Paul's beyond their first year: