Sessional Instructor

Sessional Instructor: Fall term 2019 (Sept 4 – Dec 21)
Course: INDG 201 The Indigenous Experience in Canada

Course Description: An introduction to the Indigenous experience in Canada with a broad overview of history, culture, and contemporary issues. This course highlights the holism of Indigenous perspectives through assigned readings, discussions, projects, and sharing of personal experiences.


  • Teaching the course content within university academic guidelines;
  • Monitoring and facilitating class discussion forums and assigning associated grades to assigned cohort students;
  • Preparing course outlines and exams;
  • Invigilate, grade and submitting assignments, exams, and papers;
  • Consulting with Program Head on academic or student related matters;


  • PhD or equivalent in knowledge and experience in course content area required;
  • Relevant experience in teaching students in a post-secondary environment; 
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal);
  • Be a self-motivator who can work to achieve results while ensuring attention to detail and comply with academic reporting requirements;
  • Experience working in a cross cultural environment; and
  • Preference will be given to an Indigenous candidate with a strong connection to an Indigenous community.

To apply, please forward your CV and a cover letter to the Academic Dean, Dr. Peter Frick or no later than Aug 2, 2019.