Sessional Instructor – Winter term 2020

Sessional Instructor: Winter term 2020
Course: RS 203 Hinduism

Course Description: A study of the development of religious thought in India from the Vedic Period to the present. The course will combine a historical survey with a study of representative texts from the religious, philosophical, social, and political thought of the Hindus.


  • Preparing course outlines and exams
  • Teaching the course content within university academic guidelines
  • Monitoring and facilitating class discussion, forums, office hours etc.
  • Invigilate, grade and submitting assignments, exams, and papers
  • Consulting with Academic Dean on academic or student related matters


  • PhD or equivalent in knowledge and experience in course content area required
  • Relevant experience in teaching students in a post-secondary environment
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Demonstrated excellence in teaching
  • Optional: submission of a possible course outline

To apply, please forward your CV and a cover letter to the Academic Dean, Dr. Peter Frick or no later than Aug 30, 2019. Applications should include:

  1. Letter detailing their interest in and suitability for the position;
  2. Curriculum vitae with contact information;
  3. Evidence of positive teaching performance, such as teaching evaluations, letters of recommendation, statement of teaching philosophy, and previous syllabi where applicable.