Student sitting in circle with others in Burkina Faso

St. Paul's provides various forms of recognition and financial support to students to either facilitate their studies, or to assist them in pursuing a passion while fulfilling their degree requirements:

  • St. Paul's International Development Continuing Scholarships: An award of $10,000 over four years is awarded to up to four International Development students, based on academic performance and demonstrated contribution to society. 
  • International Development Fellowships: Students in the International Development program who are in the overseas placement option receive free accommodations and a partial meal plan in their 4A and 4C terms.

  • Student Project Fund: Any University of Waterloo student may apply to get funding for a project that is in line with St. Paul's mission, vision, or values.
  • GreenHouse Social Impact Fund: Students enrolled in the St. Paul's GreenHouse program may apply for funding for their social impact projects, awarded once a term.