Student in St. Paul's jacket in semi-circle with others in Burkina Faso

St. Paul's International Development Continuing Scholarships

The St. Paul's International Development Continuing Scholarships provide $10,000 over four years to up to four International Development students, based on academic performance and demonstrated contribution to society. Incoming students may apply here.

International Development Fellowships

These fellowships are automatically available to International Development (INDEV) students who are pursuing the overseas placement option.

The Fellowships include free double-room accommodation and 50 percent of a full-meal plan at St. Paul's University College for the entire 4A term and a two-week debriefing at the end of 4C term upon return to campus. The fellowship is valued at approximately $4,000 but has no cash value and is not transferable.

The eight-month field placement in a developing country is one of two options available in the Bachelor of Environmental Studies in International Development program; the second allows the student to focus on a project or thesis on campus.

High-quality preparation for the field placement is pivotal to the students' success and meeting the educational goals of the program. Many of the pre-departure term activities are held at St. Paul's.

The St. Paul's Fellowship in International Development is designed to support INDEV students in their final year by:

  • reducing the students' living costs; and
  • providing a common and convenient learning environment for INDEV students as they prepare for and return from their field placements overseas.