The Student Project Fund is open to all undergrad and graduate students who are registered at UWaterloo and are academically in good standing. The Fund provides awards of up to $500 for student-initiated projects.

Please fill out the form in its entiretyYou are welcome to submit supporting documents; please drop them off at the Student and Guest Services desk.

You will be contacted by St. Paul’s within two weeks with a decision on whether the request has been accepted or denied.


Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

What organization or group will you be representing? Please list the organization’s website and provide background information on the group, including purpose, age, size, activities and other relevant facts.
What is your role with this organization? How long have you been part of the organization?
What amount of funds are you requesting and how are the funds you are requesting being allocated? Please describe in detail. What other sources of funds do you have?
What are the proposed dates or timeframe for the project or event?
Which area(s) does the project focus on? * (required)
Will you be dropping off supporting documents? * (required)
If Yes, please drop them off at the Student and Guest Services desk.