Student in St. Paul's jacket in semi-circle with others in Burkina Faso

St. Paul's is committed to thinking green in all aspects of our programs, academics and facilities.

Fair Trade campus logoWe are officially a designated Fair Trade Campus, serving Fair Trade products like coffee, tea, cocoa, and bananas. 

Regional Carbon Initiative logoWe are also a Silver Pledging member of Sustainable Waterloo Region's Regional Carbon Initiative, which means we're committed to reducing our emissions by 40 percent by 2024. Sustainable Waterloo is an organization that facilitates target-setting and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Here is a growing list of initiatives we have put in place to reduce our carbon footprint:

Food service

Water conservation

  • Use of a waterless urinal that saves an average of 151,000 liters of fresh, potable water each year.
  • Use of low flow shower heads.
  • Low flow spray nozzle in our food service area.

Energy reduction

  • Implementation of a light audit which resulted in a significant reduction in required light bulbs in light fixtures.
  • Implementation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs, where feasible, and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs in all other areas.
  • Use of timers and motion sensors for lighting hallways, washrooms, and public areas.
  • Implementation of LED emergency exit signs throughout our facilities.

Responsible waste management

  • Contract with a certified snow removal company that practices the Region of Waterloo's "Smart About Salt" program to ensure responsible use of road salt during the winter months.
  • Implementation of a recycling and proper disposal program for all consumable products such as paper, cardboard, containers, light bulbs, batteries and printer cartridges.
  • Use of 30 percent recycled content paper in all our printing and photocopying.
  • Eliminated the sale and use of bottled water by St. Paul's.
  • Drinking fountain available, reducing the need for one-time use water bottles by residents.
  • Recycling of used cooking oil by an approved organic waste recycling facility.
  • Composting food waste in Watson's Eatery.

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