Deema was enrolled in the Dael Official High School in Daraa and graduated among the top students in her class. She had registered for a Chemistry program at the University of Damascus but never attended the institution because of the conflict. Born in Damascus, Syria, she is the first-born of her three sisters and younger brother. Deema fled Syria to Jordan when the conditions became unstable and her family could only follow two years later.
Deema had been out of school from 2012 to 2014.  In 2016 she was accepted into the WUSC program, which encouraged her to improve her English. Her hobbies consist of singing, reading, and helping her family and friends. She tries to keep in touch with her family in Syria, but the time difference and the lifestyle in Canada make it too difficult to do so.

When asked how she felt about the voyage to Canada she said, “The trip to Canada wasn't easy. It was my first time ever to fly and be in an airport, this made me so nervous and scared because I did not know what to do or expect from such a life changing opportunity,  but also a mixture of excitement for a new chapter of my life in Canada."
Friends and Canada’s multicultural society helped Deema overcome the challenges involved with the transition. She believes that her leadership, good communication skills and caring personality make her a good fit for medical school. She is now enrolled in health studies and finds Life in Canada full of opportunities, as she bravely stated, “If you work hard you will succeed. I’ve been dreaming about going to medical school my whole life, I was even more motivated when I participated in two medical mission in Jordan by Atlantic Humanitarian Relief in 2015 and 2016. Since arriving to Canada I feel I can finally achieve my dream.” 
No matter what problem she was facing, she knows there would be a way to solve it with the help of friends and faculty here at UW. The CO-OP program is another thing that she loves about UW. 
“The University of Waterloo and St. Paul's University College are exceptional, full of resources and a place where you can find your passion. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities and experiences they have provided me and that have helped me grow as a person.” 
Deema has her eyes set on studying Medicine or Pharmacy, two fields that are very close to her heart. She is excited for the future, and knows her past has provided her with the strength and confidence for upcoming challenges. Her message to new students going through similar situations is that it might be hard at the beginning but it will get better with time.