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Want some home-cooked meals every day, or just on occasion? St. Paul's offers the following optional meal plans to anyone who can't fit grocery shopping and cooking into their schedule:

  • Occasional cook meal plan: This plan works well if you do some of your own cooking, but would like to supplement with home-cooked, hot meals prepared by Watson's Eatery. It's good for 125 meals per term (100 in Spring term).

  • Best value meal plan: This plan is great if you're not that into cooking, or you're too focused on other aspects of your life to make cooking a priority. You can opt for the same plan that dorm residents have, which gives you unlimited swipes every day in Fall and Winter, and on weekdays in Spring.
  • We also offer a Watson's Care Card option, where you pre-load a card to use when you need it.

See more information about our Meal Plans.

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