inside grad apartment

If your apartment lease or suite contract has not been renewed, you are required to vacate your unit by 12 noon on the last day of your contract.

Key return

All keys must be returned no later than 12 noon on the last day of your contract. An amount of $150.00 will charged immediately if keys are not returned by this date and time.

In order to maintain the safety of tenants, a late return of keys is not accepted.


Approximately one month prior to the end of your contracted period, you will be notified of your unit inspection date. This inspection occurs approximately two weeks before you vacate.

The St. Paul's Maintenance Supervisor will enter your unit and do a thorough inspection of all appliances, fixtures, surfaces and note the general cleanliness. A check list will be left in your unit detailing the findings.

If your unit is deemed unsatisfactory, a second inspection date will be indicated. You are required to clean accordingly prior to the next inspection date.

Fines will be imposed for any outstanding items not attended to by the second inspection date or for any damage to the unit.

All tenants of the unit are equally responsible for the upkeep of all shared living areas in the unit.

Tenants are not required to be present for the inspection.