Soup, Bannock and Beading are every Thursday from 12-2pm during fall and winter semester. Where during the spring, it is the last Thursday each month.

This day is one of the most social days at the WISC where Indigenous students, staff, faculty and allies come to connect and collaborate. 

Each semester volunteers across campus sign up to host the lunch and take an active step towards reconciliation with Indigenous people. 

WISC staff and volunteers make fry bread and provide refreshments for everyone each week

The space provides a welcoming environment for everyone to come and meet new people, and connect with old friends

Timeline each week:

  • 12-1pm there is soup and bannock
  • 1-2pm there is beading
  • Give-away at 1:30pm for Indigenous students each week

We look forward to connecting with you!

Below is a picture of the soup lunch pre-pandemic

A crowd at the Soup and Bannock lunch