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Implementing Our Plan

Waterloo's eight strategic plan theme leaders, supported by our six Faculties, support units, and students, staff and alumni,  are continuing to implement the Strategic Plan. Working together, theme leads are building on synergies across key initiatives to ensure a fully integrative approach to implementation.

Under the direction of the Provost, Institutional Analysis and Planning has created an overall process and implementation plan to support theme leads in bringing to life Waterloo's Strategic Plan, this includes:

A theme-based approach

Within the broad implementation plan, each theme is responsible for their own planning process. Working together with scores of University stakeholders — students, faculty, staff, alumni and more — each theme area has:

  • developed a theme-specific implementation plan
  • identified and implemented strategic initiatives to achieve the goals and objectives set out in the Strategic Plan.

Implementation plans by theme

Theme lead action is supported by the efforts of our six Faculties, particularly in the transformational research and academic programming themes. Each of the Faculties have their own Strategic Plans which tie together strategic efforts across the University's diverse communities. Visit each of our six Faculties to learn more about their efforts.

Planning for accountability

A cornerstone of Waterloo’s implementation efforts is measuring and reporting our progress. The accountability framework that completes this plan is the responsibility of the Provost, supported by Institutional Analysis and Planning.

Learn more about the implementation process

The implementation process is ongoing, and always evolving to meet changing realities and needs. For more information about our implementation and planning process, contact Institutional Analysis and Planning