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Zero Crossing

The A-Zed of Audio

Step 1: Attach metal bracket to wooden frame using provided screws.

Step 2: Fasten screws and bracket.

Step 3: Attach lower support to table legs using "C" brackets.

Step 6: Fasten all screws from Step 5 using included Allen Key.

White Noise

The A-Zed of Audio

The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, famous for bringing the Little Prince into the world, famously said “perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Maybe that’s why the Little Prince was from such a small planet.


The A-Zed of Audio

The year is 1887 and in what is modern-day Poland, a physician-linguist named L. L. Zamenhof set out to solve a problem. In his town a handful of different languages were being spoken, and these language lines divided their speakers into tribes that hardly intersected.


The A-Zed of Audio

Can you taste the difference between a lemon and a strawberry? I hope so. If you, blindfolded, had a chunk of each fruit fed to you, how would you describe the difference? Certain attributes like texture and bitterness might be obvious but there are elements of the taste that'd be harder to describe. Yet your difficulty in finding the words wouldn’t mean you’d have any trouble distinguishing a lemon from a strawberry.


The A-Zed of Audio

If you've ever played the board game Mouse Trap, you can easily understand one of the most interesting digital audio techniques: sidechaining. You might remember that Mouse Trap involves a scheme for capturing mice that's far more complex than your standard cheese/spring/snap design available at the dollar store; Mouse Trap was a child's introduction to the incredible world of Rube Goldberg machines. 


The A-Zed of Audio

Every space has a sound, like every person has a fingerprint.

We've talked a lot about the way that sound happens physically, and by now you probably can recite in your sleep the way that anything vibrating causes all sorts of disturbances amongst the air molecules surrounding it, and those air molecules then bump into their neighbours, and those into theirs, until the collisions eventually reach your ear.


The A-Zed of Audio

Gold is one of the most durable value keepers in the world. Yet long ago, sneaky folks realized that gold could be mixed with less valuable metals to dilute its purity and create something that may have appeared similar, but wasn't the same. In some movie you've probably seen a pirate or some market vendor bite a gold coin to figure out its purity –that's because pure gold is relatively soft, and a bite could [roughly] indicate its purity.


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