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Zero Crossing

The A-Zed of Audio

Step 1: Attach metal bracket to wooden frame using provided screws.

Step 2: Fasten screws and bracket.

Step 3: Attach lower support to table legs using "C" brackets.

Step 6: Fasten all screws from Step 5 using included Allen Key.


The A-Zed of Audio

The year is 1887 and in what is modern-day Poland, a physician-linguist named L. L. Zamenhof set out to solve a problem. In his town a handful of different languages were being spoken, and these language lines divided their speakers into tribes that hardly intersected.


The A-Zed of Audio

Even if you never saw it live, the image of Apple's famous 1984 Superbowl ad is probably easier to bring to mind than Apple execs could ever have hoped for, 30 years ago: rows upon rows of bleak, soulless automata listening to a harrowing speech by some Big Brother-esque dictator on a giant screen. In runs the only bastion of human hope – a blonde woman in a white tank top and red shorts that are short even by today's standards – and launches a sledgehammer into the talking screen.


The A-Zed of Audio

I often find myself running late. I try my best, but at times it seems like there's nothing I can do; sometimes I think it's genetic. I know I'm not the only person in the world whose timing can improve, and believe it or not, I don't only share this with people, but also with digital recording systems.

How, you wonder, can digital recording systems have timing issues?


The A-Zed of Audio

Walking down the aisles of your local supermarket, you may be amazed how difficult it is to find pure grapefruit juice. Oh, don't get me wrong. There are plenty of grapefruit-inspired liquids: cocktails, blends, elixirs, and other forms of snake oil that the taste chemists at Ocean Spray concoct to keep folks happy, well-hydrated, and protected from the bitter reality that accompanies citric acid.

What is "MDEI"?

It's a question that I get often – "just what is the Master of Digital Experience Innovation"? As a relatively new and distinctive program, with a unique name to match, it's not entirely surprising. In a nutshell, the Master of Digital Experience Innovation, or MDEI as we call it, is a program that combines multiple topics and skills to prepare you for the digital world.


The A-Zed of Audio

It's broken - don't fix it.

This is the unspoken motto in the world of glitch music. To anyone who has used a computer, the word 'glitch' shouldn't be terribly foreign: glitches are errors. Things that are broken, not the way they're supposed to be, like potholes in a road or cracks in a window. Usually we work to avoid these broken-nesses but some cr/azy folks among us actually use these as the palette they paint with.

MDEI CTi, a case study

Company profile

Canadian Tire Innovations (Canadian Tire's digital innovation division)

Canadian Tire has done an excellent job of positioning itself as a "store of firsts." With over 487 retail stores across Canada many Canadian born residents hold a nostalgic connection to the store that brought them their first bicycle, their first pair of skates, and later on maybe even their first barbeque. The Canadian company has survived competition and market penetration of international big box stores like Walmart and Lowes. By investing in a digital vision, the company has enabled itself to re-shape and position itself as a recognized digital industry leader.


Digital Media A-Z: Big Data

2.76 million people ride the TTC daily. 38% of customers abandoned online shopping carts when delivery estimates exceeded 7 days. Facebook posts that include 'should', 'would', and 'who' get the most comments; posts that include 'why' and 'how' get the least comments. 3.2 million vinyl records were sold in 2012. Every two days we create as much data as we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003.

We are living in a sea of data. Whether we're swimming or drowning is a matter of opinion. 

Hedonistika at the BIAN

In May 2014 I went to Montréal for Canada's 2nd BIAN – the International Digital Arts Biennial. The BIAN originally emerged from Elektra Festival (international digital art festival that has run since 1999) and for the first time - merged with Mutek (international digital music festival) to form EM15. This year had a two-part theme - Physical/ité:


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