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Costs and funding

Professional program fees

The Master of Digital Experience Innovation (MDEI) program is designated as a professional graduate degree and is therefore subject to professional education fees. Total tuition is $15,918 (plus incidental fees)* for both Canadian and international students enrolled in either the full-time or part-time program. 

Professional programs such as MDEI do not offer internal funding in the form teaching or research assistantships. 

*Please note that tuition is subject to change. Tuition for the 2015/2016 year are normally posted in July.

Research assistantships

Our graduate students frequently work as research assistants on grant-funded research projects carried out by MDEI faculty. These research assistantships are usually awarded by the professor to qualified students.

Project assistantships

MDEI students working a project

Graduate students will be invaluable mentors to undergraduate students enrolled in the Global Business and Digital Arts program during lab hours, but also for advice on such issues as time management, study skills, and more. You will have the opportunity to enhance your graduate training and gain valuable experience by working as a Project Assistant.

All full-time MDEI students are eligible for this assistantship that will consist of a maximum of 60 hours of work during the fall and winter term. You will be paid the current hourly rate of a regular teaching assistant at $28.50/hour for a maximum of $1710. You must sign a contract during the first two weeks of classes in order to obtain a Project Assistantship.

External Financial Support

Incoming MDEI students may apply for an Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) loan. Please note: a typical OSAP application will take six weeks to process on average; those that require special consideration may take longer.

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