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Master of Digital Experience Innovation FAQS

This is a program that's completely unique to the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus. If you don't find an answer to your questions here, contact Victoria Salim, Recruitment and Admissions Manager. 

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Conference opportunities

Attending conferences is an integral component of the Master of Digital Experience Innovation program. Information about conferences will be sent to students by e-mail, and will be posted online.


What careers might be available after completing the Master of Digital Experience Innovation (MDEI) program?

  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Strategists
  • User Experience Designers
  • Interface Designers
  • Product Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Entrepreneurs

AND jobs we haven’t even seen yet!

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How is this program different than other Master's programs?

The MDEI program is a course-based, professional degree that combines creativity, technology and business. It is an interdisciplinary, project-based program led by faculty and business partners. You will get the chance to create innovative projects, collaborate with classmates, faculty and make connections with business leaders in the digital media space. There will be instruction in theory, but this program emphasizes applied, career-oriented training. 

How long is the Master of Digital Experience Innovation?

The full-time program is one year in length (12 months), while the part-time program takes two years (24 months) to complete.

What are the time periods that the program runs (start date / end date / any breaks)?

The program will start Bootcamp - a 2-week intensive workshop at the end of August. Refer to the full-time program plan or part-time program plan for details. For the exact dates, please see the Graduate Studies Calendar.

Are there on-site classes scheduled every day or just some days each week and if so what is the schedule (start/end times each day, any evening or weekend sessions, etc)?

Classes will take place Monday-Thursday between 4-7 PM or 5-8 PM. For those pursuing the educational requirements for the Project Management Professional designation, additional classes will be required. Exact dates will be confirmed by the instructor.

Master of Digital Experience Innovation students working togetherHow much work is team work vs. individual work?

About 80% of your work will be carried out in teams of 4-6 students.

Why Stratford?

The University of Waterloo chose Stratford for its cultural and artistic heritage. By marrying that creative nature with uWaterloo’s innovative history, we’ve created a unique environment that will accelerate the learning of innovation.

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Do I need to have an Arts undergraduate degree to apply?

No. Although this course is administered through the Faculty of Arts, this is an interdisciplinary degree. We attract students from a range of academic backgrounds including business, engineering, computer science, fine arts, psychology, communications studies and more. The Master of Digital Experience Innovation will help round out any undergraduate degree.

Who should apply for this program?

If you’re looking for a career in digital media, the MDEI is for you. Whether you’re a recent graduate or have industry experience, the MDEI will enhance your skill set and prepare you for a great career.

The MDEI will give you a superior advantage: skills you need to thrive and innovate in a fast-paced industry. You’ll gain the skills you need to succeed as a future leader, strategic thinker and/or team manager

What will be the overall number of students enrolled in the MDEI program?

The program is currently capped at 30 incoming students.

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Is there a breakdown of the specific projects that will need to be done in each term and the nature of the projects (written assignments, media/content project, etc)?

In general, projects in first term are course specific. You will begin your final project as part of the Project Management course in the winter term and begin working on your final project full-time in the spring term.

Is the final project in the Spring/Summer term individual or group and does it need to be all done on site?

It is a team-based project that will be done on site and remotely.

Can the project(s) be a real world/commercial project designed by the student(s) or are the topics all predefined by the syllabus?

The topics will not be predefined by the syllabus. Projects will be designed by the course instructor in conjunction with the students and industry coaches. Some of our partner companies are OpenText, Desire2Learn, Google and Christie Digital Inc.

How large are the project teams and how are they formed/selected?

Teams will range between 4-6 students. It is our aim to coordinate the nature of the project with the skills and strengths of the students. In other words, depending on the project, different skills will be required. You can expect teams that are very interdisciplinary in nature. For example, a team might be comprised of students with a background in computer programming, digital applications, English writing skills, marketing, or industry experience. It is important to form interdisciplinary teams in order to ensure skill diversity for the assignment of tasks. One of the objectives of the program is to train students in all facets of project management, from conceptualization to implementation. The interdisciplinary team will mirror real-life situations.

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