Student deliverables

Student deliverables (graded):

  • Presentation to sponsor of the deliverables defined in the project charter
  • Presentation to sponsor of proposed timeline, key milestones, how the project will be managed
  • Meeting schedule will be established with supervising faculty member
  • Agreement with sponsor
    • Resources
    • Dates
    • Meetings
    • Documents
  • Individual learning plans – what do you want to achieve personally?
  • Agreement among project team to proceed on project and expectations; this document must be signed by all team members and reviewed/approved by sponsor and coordinator.
  • Peer Evaluations
  • Regular planned meetings with:
    • Project Sponsor
    • Faculty Coordinator
    • Mentor
  • Presentation of the deliverables defined in the project charter and progress update (sessions 13 and 14 and/or week 11 or 12 Winter term)
  • Students must adhere to non-disclosure agreement
  • Students must be available between 15-20 hours per week during spring term
  • Team debrief
    • Review of deliverables
    • Feedback from sponsor
    • Observations by coordinator/mentor
    • Learning plans (part of assessment)