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Priority projects

Stratford Campus - Our current priority projects

1. Attracting the Best Young Minds: Scholarships

As Canada's economy becomes more knowledge-based, increasingly digital and continually evolves, studies in future-focused programs become more important. The Waterloo Stratford Campus campaign calls for aggressive growth in both our graduate and undergraduate programs to respond to the growing needs of Canadian industry.

Attracting these bright young people won't be easy: competition for the best students is fierce. We need top scholarships to draw top students. That's why we're raising $2 million to create new graduate and undergraduate scholarships. These scholarships will attract the best students and allow those with financial need achieve their goals.

2. Enriching Student Experience: Global Experiences Program

Digital media technologies, content and creative output have significantly changed how we communicate, research and generally interact around the world. From banking to health care, from entertainment to education, digital technologies are rapidly changing our everyday lives.

Through both the Masters and Bachelors programs, Waterloo Stratford Campus students will be immersed in digital technology innovations both in the classroom and through their projects with industry. The addition of a Global Experiences Program will add a deep cultural experience along with a stronger global perspective to the program. Students will have an immersive experience in the global digital environment and be better prepared for tomorrow's global challenges.

The Global Experiences Program will provide Waterloo Stratford Campus students with the opportunity to study aboard for at least one term during their undergraduate program or have a global experience during the Digital Experience Innovation program.

3. Creating an Environment of Excellence: The Technology Renewal Fund

Developing the leader of tomorrow who can navigate creative design, technology and business in new ways requires a campus that drives digital innovation. Our facility features the latest multimedia design labs, sound and video editing suites and software for design, video production and web development. To ensure our students have access to leading edge technology we have created the Technology Fund.

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