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The Engage Lab is a digital media sandbox equipped with technology for exploration in UX and gamification -- a space created to inspire new ways to enrich audience or user engagement. This interactive digital media lab shares the latest equipment and technology designed to encourage research, experimentation and prototype development and commercialization.

Located in the Stratford campus it is open to local digital media entrepreneurs and industry partners looking to explore new understanding in audience engagement. As part of our campus the Engage Lab is a research area for students and faculty working on industry projects.

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The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus in partnership with the Games Institute and the Canadian Digital Media Network has equipped Engage: Gamification + UX Research Lab to respond to the information needs expressed by our industry partners -- Canadian companies looking for better ways to educate, inform and inspire stronger audience engagement.

UX, or user experience, can be broadly defined as how we interact with things. On a daily basis humans interact with a wide range of technology and digital media, in both work and home life. We must navigate the new digital world interacting with software and hardware -- everywhere from the machine shop to ecommerce websites to mobile devices.

UX is the study of design principles taking the end user’s experience into account during the entire design process, human centric design. Its ultimate aim is to improve user technology interaction across all sectors.

Gamification is the process of applying game-design principles (like leveling up, acquiring rewards, etc.) to non-game contexts.

It’s about harnessing the addictive power of video games, and using it to encourage people to make healthier food choices, exercise more, quit smoking – or just navigate smoothly through a website.

The Engage Lab is where local industry, students and faculty can gather to explore these related disciplines, and access specialized technology for innovation and play.

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