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Who should you see to get questions answered?

The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus has designed an advising system to meet your needs as you progress through the program. Appointments are always recommended!

What's my question? Who should I see?

I have a general question, a course or scheduling question, or a degree requirement question

Andrea West,
Student Services,
Room 1007A, ext. 23009

I have a question about applying
as an internal transfer students
from another program at Waterloo

At Waterloo: Eric Breugst,
Arts Undergraduate Office,
PAS 2439, ext. 32769

At Stratford: Victoria Salim,
Student Services,
Room 1007B, ext. 23004

I have questions about IT support,
printing, equipment loans, etc
Mark Byerley
IT Support Specialist,
Stratford Campus,
Room 2026A, ext. 23010
I have questions about digital
design workshops

Jordan Mandel
Digital Media Lab Instructor
Stratford Campus,
Room 2117, ext. 23024

I have questions about the
third-year internship

Susan Cole,
Internship & Experiential Learning Manager
Stratford Campus,
Room 2124,
ext. 23012

I have special problems or concerns Jessica Thomspon,
Associate Director, Academic Programs,
Stratford Campus,
Room 2006, ext. 23023

NOTE: When making contact with an advisor about a specific issue, please contact only one of the offices listed above. Do not send the same request to both offices, as this may delay response.

Your advisors are here to assist in making your university years as rewarding and uncomplicated as possible. If you have any questions and are not sure who to ask, start with your academic advisor. They can assist you with the following services:

  • Elective recommendations
  • Course information
  • Enrollment information
  • Administrative form assistance and processing, including override forms
  • Course sequencing
  • Announcements for upcoming opportunities and events for students
  • Degree checklists
  • General information Feel free to drop by and introduce yourself!